Pay Our Interns was founded in 2016, by Guillermo Creamer Jr. and Carlos Mark Vera.

As unpaid interns themselves, Carlos and Guillermo worked across five different offices, including the House of Representatives, the White House, the office of the D.C. Mayor, and the European Parliament.

In September 2016, they compared experiences, and realized their previous challenges had been similar. Weeks after the 2016 presidential election, Guillermo and Carlos focused on creating Pay Our Interns (POI). By June 2017, POI released the first-of-its-kind Congressional Report: Experience Doesn’t Pay the Bills, which listed which members of Congress paid their interns, and those who did not.

The report was shared by various news outlets, who highlighted the limited number of members who offered paid internships.

Since then, Pay Our Interns has:
    • Worked with various offices, doubling the number of Senate Democrats who offer paid internships and increasing the number of Senate Republicans as well.
    • Worked with candidates in the DNC chair race to ensure their support in offering a paid internship program if elected.
    • In June 2018, Pay Our Interns successfully worked with the DNC, DCCC, and several Senate offices to help create their paid internship programs. Along with a group of bipartisan legislators, the team also worked to help create the first ever internship fund allocation for the Senate at a $5 million fund.
    • A few weeks after a successful partnership with the Senate, the team worked with a group of bipartisan legislators on the House side and successfully secured $8.8 Million in intern funding.
    • On October 3rd, 2018, the President of the United States signed a minibus budget that included $13.8 million in funding for an internship program in Congress

Meet Our Team

Guillermo Creamer Jr.

Co-Founder, Interim Executive Director

Guillermo Creamer Jr. is a dedicated advocate for fair labor practices and equitable opportunities in the professional realm. As the co-founder and current interim executive director of Pay Our Interns (POI), Guillermo has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s mission and objectives. His journey with POI began in 2017 when he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer, demonstrating his commitment to addressing the issue of unpaid internships.

After a successful tenure as COO, Guillermo briefly explored the realm of philanthropy, leveraging his expertise to manage multi-million dollar grants aimed at enhancing civic engagement across the nation. During this time, he also joined the POI board, bringing valuable insights and a strategic vision to the organization.

Guillermo’s passion for public service extends beyond his work with POI. In a notable move, he ran for the position of Mayor in his hometown of Worcester, MA, reflecting his aspiration to contribute at the local government level. Although his political journey took him away from the day-to-day operations of POI, Guillermo remained connected to the cause, maintaining a steadfast commitment to ending the prevalence of unpaid internships.

Excited to continue championing the mission of POI, Guillermo has reemerged as the interim executive director, ensuring a seamless transition and steadfast dedication to the cause. Residing in Worcester, MA, with his husband and cat, Guillermo frequently travels to Washington, D.C., bridging the gap between grassroots efforts and policy advocacy. His leadership, coupled with a strong sense of purpose, marks Guillermo Creamer Jr. as a driving force in the fight against unpaid internships and a prominent figure in the pursuit of workplace fairness and inclusivity.

Guillermo can be reached via email and found online at X (formerly known as Twitter)


Carlos Mark Vera

Co-Founder, Advisor

Carlos Mark Vera is the Co-Founder and advisor to Pay Our Interns. Originally from Colombia, Carlos was raised in California, but moved to Washington, D.C. to attend American University. While at AU, Carlos was an unpaid intern at the White House, the European Parliament, and the House of Representatives. He knows firsthand the struggles of trying to survive while interning for free.  Under his leadership, Pay Our Interns successfully convinced Congress to pass more than $31 million in funding for interns and has helped nonprofits, companies, and presidential campaigns create their internship programs.

Carlos’ efforts on Capitol Hill led him to be named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, Echoing Green Fellow, Camelback Ventures Fellow, a Top 20 Changemaker by NBC Latino, and an Aspen Ideas Fellow. He has been featured in The Washington Post, NPR’s All Things Considered, The New York Times, CNN and The Atlantic. He has also written for The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, USA Today, and NBC Latino.  Carlos proudly served in the Army Reserves as a mechanic for 8 years.

Carlos can be reached via email and found online at Twitter

William A. Powers

William A. Powers

Of Counsel

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Kayla Cain